Download it Yourself is your opportunity to create your own version of AnOtherShoe.
You can find your own material and download the pattern here!

You can download your AnOtherShoe in both .ai and .pdf format. In the Maker Guide you can find information on the right material characteristics and how to make the design with the laser cutter. Simply take these files to your local Fablab or Makerspace along with your materials of choice and start cutting!

If you want to customize the digital design file, you’ll need a program like Illustrator, Rhinoceros or SolidWorks. 
If you’ve made a cool design we’d love to hear about it.

Check your size in the Sizing Guide / Download the file from our Direct Downloads page / Download the Maker Guide / Have the pieces cut / Download the Assembly Guide / Wear your shoes and let us know how they feel at #anothershoe